Lipo-fitness Slimming Body Wrap

Get ready for your summer resolutions with this day slimming challenge that has DIY body wrap is a technique that helps. Get YouTube Red. Stimulates metabolism.

Can be used for varicose veins, for pregnant women with swelling in legs.

Lipo-fitness Slimming Body Wrap

Ingredients: Natural Dead Sea Mud Extract, natural menthol and camphor, collagen, allantoin, mixture of natural essential oils: peppermint, green mint and lemon. These wraps are suitable for body cleansing and slimming treatments, combining with other tratment programmes, manual therapy or massage treatments, enhancing their effect and results.


Relatively neutral impact of these wraps makes them easily tolerated and suitable for combination with other body treatments, also for home-use. BodyActivator wraps can be used as a base for aromatherapy protocols, where essential oils can be added to the wraps within carrier oil or flower water to achieve the desired effect — see recommendations at www.

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Contraindications: open wounds, allergic reaction to components. Cooling effect tones vessel walls and increases skin elasticity, improves process of fat burning and detoxification, accelerates metabolism and removes excess water. Ideal for facial contours correction.


Ingredients: ex-tract of Dead Sea mud, natural menthol, natural camphor, collagen, allantoin, a mixture of natural essential oils: peppermint, green mint and lemon. B vitamins and mic-roelements contained in malt improve the immune system and body resistance, which is manifested in decrease in incidence of seasonal colds.

Lipo-fitness Slimming Body Wrap

Wrappings strengthen joints, warm up muscles, remove muscle tension, a sense of fatigue and, thanks to a mild soothing effect, perfectly relax. Beer wrappings are included in the programs of age-related changes correction, body tonifying, prevention and general health improvement.

Ingredients: extract of Dead Sea mud, natural menthol, natural camphor, rye malt, barley malt, concentrated malt-hop extract.

Soy extract, sea plankton, caffeine, ginger, carnitine, shea butter, gardenia stem cells, lecithin and glutamate can actively affect all types of cellulite, help strengthen dermal structures and stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, tone and strengthen the skin. Enhances the action of antioxidants. Carnitine is responsible for converting adipose tissue cells into energy, transfers lipids to the mitochondria of muscle cells, and there, under the influence of aerobic exercise, adipose tissue undergoes metamorphoses with the release of colossal amounts of energy. Ginger essential oil tightens, improves elasticity and activates internal metabolic processes. It has an active anti-cellulite effect, stimulates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat deposits.

Remove the bandages and apply moisturizing cream if necessary. It is recommended to combine with a lymphatic or other massage.

Lipo-fitness Slimming Body Wrap

After the procedure depending on body sizea decrease in body volume from 2 to 6 cm is observed. Lecithin acts as a vehicle for vitamins and nutrients.

Cayenne pepper has a hyperthermic and stimulating effect, promotes fat burning in the skin and increases energy metabolism.

Lipo-fitness Slimming Body Wrap

Escin chestnut extract and Betafitostirol help to strengthen dermal structures. Escin stimulates blood circulation, has a pronounced anti-edema effect: it redirects the flow of fluid from the capillaries into the vessels, and reduces its accumulation in tissues.

Improves metabolic processes in cells.


Helps to reduce the production of the enzyme hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid, helps the skin stay hydrated and supple. Nicotinic acid stimulates blood circulation, has a warming effect. Blood flow in tissues improves, and toxins are eliminated through the pores.

Glutamate is an amino acid that regulates inflammation and accelerates muscle recovery after exercise.

Histomer C30 Lipo Gym Refining Cream 250ml

Collistar Body Slimming Treatment on salendav kehahooldus kreem. Kreem koostises on bioloogilised stimulaatorid, mis aktiveerivad vere ja lümfi mikrotsirkulatsioone, kofeiini, karnitiini ja ruskogeniini.


Wie wil afvallen, moet zich aan behoorlijk wat regels houden. Vaak is het moeilijk.

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All the Skin Fitness from Biotherm,beauty products: skincare. Enriched Slimming Anti-Cellulite Cream Kreem ise on hästi huvitava et see kottis silmaalustega ja tumedate ringidega võitlev geel on paksemat.

Fitness Yoga in Geel. Slimming beauty apparaat Looking for the biggest supply in fitness and yoga centers.

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Wrappings are one of the most popular and effective methods of body shaping and getting rid of cellulite, and also an effective assistant in a diet aimed at weight reduction for effective weight loss. Innovative blend promotes fat burning, reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves the skin texture and elasticity, and helps to remove excess fluid.

Body massage Chair massage Slimming salons Geel Fitness centres. From easy exercises to challenging workouts, here's how to get in the best shape of your life. Whether you love yoga, running, strength training.

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Laimilõhnaline matistav kreem-geel sisaldab suurel hulgal puhastavaid ja niisutavaid aktiivaineid, mis aitavad nahal säilitada normaalset tasakaalu. Get ready for your summer resolutions with this day slimming challenge that has DIY body wrap is a technique that helps.

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Geel aktiviseerib Maarjaohaka ja seedri uuenemise protsesse. Lisa korvi. Kategooria: Kreem Silt: Neoglis. Body Renewal rasvakogumikke Sea slimming and firming cosmetic SuperDren vett väljutav ja tselluliiti vähendav geel, tselluliiti lõhustav kreem.