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The baby will experience the closeness and guidance of the parent, instead of the usual swimming with peers. Regular visits are beneficial for the circulatory system. See rakendus võimaldab teil õppida ujumine tehnikat, mida saab kasutada ka rakendust isiklik treener.

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Please if you like this Android app give your opinion Ujumine saab vaadata hirmutada, kui sa pole kunagi õppinud, kuidas ujuda, aga see on võimalik peaaegu igaüks seda teha.

Mängides vees võib olla uskumatult tore, ja teades, kuidas ujuda võib päästa teie elu, kui sa leiad end ummikus vett. Kõik, mida pead tegema, on saada mugav vee- õppida põhilised lööki ja seejärel liikuda edasi rohkem arenenud tehnikat, kui olete valmis.

A water environment enables the baby to develop body cognition, which is the basis for learning new motor skills. Water therapy in our Baby Spa can be started immediately after birth. Small pools are suitable for babies from 3 months of age. Small pools are big enough that the parents may enter the water with the baby.

Small pools are big enough that the parents may enter the water with the baby. The swimming trainer will show and instruct which swimming techniques to use and how being in the water makes the baby calmer.

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Together with a physical therapist it is possible to learn how to massage the baby and stimulate muscles and relive muscle tension in the water and on a mat.

Our health services team is here to help support you to raise a healthy and balanced child.

New swimming courses are held Beginners on Monday and Wednesday at

Water therapy in mini bath with touch and activity training Every visit begins with minutes of pool time in an individual mini bath, which eliminates the threat of infection. Mini bath swimming is appropriate immediately after birth, when the mother and baby are ready, in order to support sensomotoric development in a familiar water environment.

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We will use a swimming ring which enables the baby to move freely in the water without influence from gravity. The baby can independently try out and learn movements. Before coming out of the water, the instructor also helps the baby to swim in order to support and develop the potential hiding in this small body.

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After the water procedures we will teach the parent how to support the development of the child, encourage touching and petting the baby. We recommend swimming in the mini pool for babies aged months, depending on the size of the child usually up to cm or kg.


Individual mini pools are available for water therapy treatments for up to 3 babies at the same time. Water therapy is not recommended on the same day as vaccinations. Additional information and registration to courses: spordiklubi kalevspa.

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Once you have acquired these skills, you will also learn how to move in the water. Beginner lessons are suitable for people who have no swimming experience as well as those who have basic skills but still feel unsure of themselves in the water. The exercises are done primarily in the shallow end of a metre pool.

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